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Confucian Educational Principles: The Origin Of Thomas Jefferson’s Transformation Of The American Educational System
Dave Wang 1

America’s Search For Tactical Success In Vietnam: Operations Masher/White Wing & Double Eagle
William Head 34

Continuing Ethnic Strife In Xinjiang: China’s Struggle With Uyghur Identity Politics
Richard Rice 51

Civil And Military Relations In Pakistan: Looking Through A Rearview Mirror At The Major Impediments To Democracy
Nasreen Akhtar 64

The Nagayama Criteria For Assessing The Death Penalty In Japan: Reflections Of A Case Suspect
Daniel A Métraux 92

Studying The Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS): Its Location, History, People, Environment And Economy
Robert L Curry 100

Communicating “Chan Si” Or “Chan Yi”: Zen Buddhism And Chinese Landscape Painting
Li Zeng 112

Portrait Of The 16th Century Zen Buddhist Nun Shun’oku Soei Daiji-in Temple Kyoto: A Tale Of Collaboration And Discovery
Dorinda Neave 122

Rescuing, Relocating, And Reconstructing Meiji Architecture In Postwar Japan: A Brief History Of Museum Meiji Mura
Lun Jing 134

Reimagining The Kafkaesque: The Individual And The Collective Consciousness In Murakami’s “Kafka On The Shore”
Kenneth Lee 152


Chinese Cultures And World History: Prosperity, Rhetoric And Institutions
Lucien Ellington 166

An Opinion About A Diplomatic Process That Could Help To Negotiate With Kim Jong Un On The Korean Nuclear Issue
Robert L Curry 181

How Journalist’s Bias Can Distort The Truth: A Case Study Of Japan S Military Seizure Of Korea In 1904-1905
Daniel A Metraux 184

Book Reviews 192

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Rebecca Suter, Holy Ghosts: The Christian Century In Modern Japanese Fiction

David Odo, The Journey Of “A Good Type”: From Artistry To Ethnography In Early Japanese Photographs

Ana Cristina O. Lopes, Tibetan Buddhism In Diaspora: Cultural Re Signification In Practice And Institutions