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“Ferrets” and “Rats” To the Rescue: A Reexamination Of Operation Crimp During The Vietnam War (1)
William Head

A Journey of Adopting the Confucian Merit System: From Benjamin Franklin to the Pendleton Act of 1883 (29)
Dave Wang

Avalokiteshvara, The All-Inclusive One: Amalgamation of Imagery and Attributes (63)
Punam Madhok

APEC as a Platform for Asia-Pacific Leaders to Engage with North Korea’s Government (79)
Robert L. Curry, Jr.

A Note on the South China Sea Conflict: The Trump Administration, China and ASEAN (91)
Robert L. Curry, Jr.

Baseball in Japan and the United States: History, Culture and Future Prospects (98)
Daniel A. Métraux

Korean Comfort Women in the Eyes of the Manga and Net Generation (108)
Hye Ok Park

Konoe Fumimaro: His Rise and the Stormy Era of the 1930s (128)
Kazuo Yagami

The Taiwan Strait in the Months Prior to the Korean War (144)
Hsiang-Wang Liu

Uphill Political Struggle: Joseph Trumpeldor in Japan and Manchuria, 1904-1906 (160)
Jonathan Goldstein

Migration and Identity: Gender Dynamics And Religious Participation Among Sikh Women in North Carolina (181)
Melina Oliverio

Essays and Scholarly Notes

Reflections on Teaching at a Chinese University (193)
Paul J. Capobianco

Bernard S. Cohn: Understanding 20th Century India and Beyond (201)
Walter Hauser

Publishing in AAS: Education About Asia, Key Issues in Asian Studies (206)
Lucien Ellington

The Women Before Me: Binding Family Ties Stretching from Shogunal Japan to Germany and the U.S. (212)
Lacey Turney Bryant

South Korea’s Giant Step Towards Democracy (219)
Yuna Lim

Toward Developing An Indian Ethos of Excellence in Internationalization (221)
Triveni Goswami Mathur


by Daniel A. Métraux (224-235)

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Mark Ravina, The Great Courses Audio: Understanding Japan: A Cultural History

Mark Mullins and Koichi Nakano, Eds., Disasters and Social Crisis in Contemporary Japan: Political, Religious and Sociocultural Responses

Phyllis Birnbaum, Manchu Princess, Japanese Spy: The Story of Kawashima Yoshiko, the Cross-Dressing Spy Who Commanded Her Own Army.

Mark J. Hudson, Anne-Elise Lewallen, and Mark K. Watson, Eds., Beyond Ainu Studies: Changing Academic and Public Perspectives.

Jonathan Stockdale, Imagining Exile in Heian Japan: Banishment in Law, Literature and Cults.

From The Editor’s Desk (236-250)

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The Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Colony Farm: Japan’s First settlement in North America

President Trump’s Dangerous Confrontation with the Idea of “One China.”

The Philippines is Now Demanding True Independence from the US

Is North Korea Really That Dangerous?

To Understand North Korea today, You Must Explore Traditional Korean History

What Do South Koreans Think About The Threat From North Korea?

How To Build a Successful Asian Studies Program At A Small Liberal Arts College