Tibetan Culture in Flux

Guardians of Tradition, Agents of Change: Laywomen Shaping Faith, Family and Future in Dharamsala’s Tibetan Refugee Community
Katherine A. Smalley (1)

Chinese and Vietnamese Literature and Art

The Battered Body and Human Rights Discourse in Vietnamese American Non-Fiction
Quan Manh Ha (42)

Modern Chinese Art in Dialogue with Social Unrest
Cynthia Kirkland (65)

Farewell to Gender: A Postmodern Feminist Interpretation of Chen Ran’s “Gender-Transcendent Consciousness
Jing He (87)

Chinese in North America

Not All were Driven Out: The Many Chinese Who Found a Peaceful Haven in late 19th Century California.
Daniel A. Métraux (100)

Chinese Civilization and the United States: Tea, Ginseng, Porcelain Ware and Silk in Colonial America.
Dave Wang (113)

Islam in Politics and International Relations

The Rise and Fall of the Jamaat-e-Islami in the Light of Social Movement Theory
Mujtaba Isani (132)

Evaluation of China’s Response to East Turkistan Terrorist Forces
Wang Yinghui (153)

China and Taiwan

The Future of Cross-Strait Relations: Democratic Peace or Power Politics
Tung-Chieh Tsai and Alexis Littlefield (163)

Scholarly Notes

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Bringing the World to Japan: Reflections on a Year with the Jet Program
Devon Burke (173)

Japanese Intellectuals: Encounters with American Culture, 1954-1955: A Memoir
Wilton S. Dillon (167)

Reviews (172)

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Edwin O. Reischauer and the American Discovery of Japan by George R. Packard
Reviewed by Lucien Ellington

Angel Island: Immigrant Gateway to America by Erika Lee and Judy Yung
Reviewed by Daniel A. Métraux

Japan’s Holy War: The Ideology of Radical Shinto Ultranationalism by Walter A. Skya
Reviewed by Daniel A. Métraux

From the Editor’s Desk (179)

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Dramatic Shift in Power in East Asia as China Replaces Japan as China Replaces Japan as the Region’s Preeminent Economic and Military Power
The Russians Were Coming! The Russians Were Coming! Their Fascinating Failure at Fort Ross, California
Japanese Stoicism and Resilience Will Enable Them to Survive This Earthquake Disaster
How Should the United States Engage Burma?


Rebuilding Haiti: The Impossible Dream
High Adventure to FDR’s Canadian Hideaway
Quebec Nationhood Flourishes Without Sovereignty
Curator Katie Metraux and Angel Island