Literature and Culture

Is the “Post-” in Postwar the “Post-” in Postmodern? Rethinking Japan’s Modernity in the Works of Murakami Haruki?
Chiaki Takagi (p39)

Feminist Reinvention of the Chinese Traditional Genre of Chuanqi—A Study of Zhang’s Ailing Chuanqi
Zuqiong Ma (p66)

Hidden In The Heat of the Sun: Mimesis, Sacrilege and Aporia—-Reading Jiang Wen’s Filmic Recreation of the Chinese Cultural Revolution
Qian Gao (p84)

Chinese History and Politics

Reconstructing Time: Calendrical Reform in China, 1911-Present
Haiming Yan (p97)

The Emerging Power: How International and Civilian Organizations Define Chinese Policy
Robert A. Works (p110)

Economic Integration Across the Taiwan Strait: A Case Study of Cultural Identity Transformation and Contested National Sovereignty in a Globalization Context
José Guerra Vio (p120)

East Asia in North American History

Creating a More Perfect Society: The Japanese Association of America’s Response to the West Coast Anti-Japanese “Yellow Peril” Phenomenon, 1908-1924
Helen Kaibara (p135)

How China Helped to Shape American Culture: The Founding Fathers and Chinese Civilization
Dave Wang (p148)

Global Soka Gakkai: SGI in Canada
Daniel A. Métraux (p161)

Arts of India

Synthesis and Symbiosis: Akbar’s Aesthetic Vision for India
Margaret Richardson (p181)

Editor’s Desk

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By Daniel Metraux

Japanese Politics: An Interview with Veteran Komeito Dietman Endo Otohiko
America’s China Dilemma
A Tale of Two Cities and Two Countries Going Different Directions: Seoul and Tokyo
The Ghosts of Chinese Camp and Bodie California

Book Reviews by Daniel Métraux

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Jean Pfaelzer
Driven Out: The Forgotten War Against Chinese Americans

Veronica Chambers
Kickboxing Geishas: How Modern Japanese Women are Changing Their Nation

Dean King
Unbound: A True Story of War, Love and Survival

Patrick Radden Keefe
The Snakehead: An Epic Tale of the Chiuatown Underworld and the American Dream