The New India

Hope or Hype in the “New India?” Poverty, Affluence, Democracy and Ennui
Tinaz Pavri
Thomas E. Rotnem

A New Iraq

Democracy or Economic Liberty: Which Matters More for Iraq?
Adam Lowther

Asia in American History

Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Chinese Civilization
Dave Wang

Japanese Politics and History

The Soka Gakkai, Human Security and the Question of Article Nine
Daniel A. Métraux

Japan’s Challenge to the Status Quo: The Rise and Fall of the Prewar Washingtion Treaty System
Kazuo Yagami

Hiraga Gennai: Tokugawa Japan’s Creative Genius as Author
Christopher Smith

Indian Traditions

The Genesis in Thought and Ideas Behind the Design of the Mughal Gardens in India
Mohammad Gharipour

Pilgrimage in Your Own Backyard: The Panchavati Replanted
Hal W. French

Asian Sex Slavery

The Lost Girls: Human Trafficking as a Consequence of the One-Child Policy
Annabell Monte

Chinese-Japanese Language

Chinese Characters Through Simplification os a Japanese Strategy
Xuexin Liu

Contemporary China

Counter Memory in Post-Socialist China: Cyber-Literature and Yi in Cool Evil
Yipeng Shen

From the Editors Desk

Short essays on Asian Affairs by Daniel A. Métraux
The Powerful Beauty of Jack London’s “Beauty Ranch” with Commentary on the Author’s Writing on Asia
Visiting Angel Island’s Sad Immigration Station
The Critical Role of the Chinese-American Relationship
Henry Adams’ 1886 Sojourn to Japan in Search of Nirvana
Asia: The New Powerhouse of Baseball


The Legacy of Samuel P. Huntington: His Contributions to International and Area Studies
Gordon L. Bowen

Book Reviews

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Richard J. Samuels, Securing Japan: Tokyo’s Grand Strategy and the Future of East Asia
Reviewed by Daniel A. Métraux Takeshi Matsuda’ Soft Power and Its Perils: U.S. Cultural Policy in Early Postwar Japan and Permanent Dependency
Reviewed by Daniel A. Métraux Madeleine Yue Dong. _Republican Beijing: The City and its Histories
Reviewed By: Yuxin Ma Perry Garfinkel, Buddha or Bust: In Search of Truth, Meaning Happiness and the Man Who Found Them All
Reviewed by Rachel Evans Miche Hockx. Questions of Style: Literary Societies and Literary Journals in Modern China, 1911-1937.
Reviewed by Yuxin Ma J. Charles Schencking, Making Waves: Politics, Propaganda, and the Emergence of the Japanese Navy 1868-1922.
Reviewed by Daniel A. Métraux