Democracy in Asia

On Social Mobility, the Military, and Democratization: Contrasting Evolutions in Korea and Burma. Notes for a Preliminary Inquiry
By: David I. Steinburg

Can the Democractic Peace Permeate the Arab World? The Dangers of Political Idealism
By: Elizabbeth L. Metraux

The Emerging Urban Grassroots Democracy: A Case study of Community Building and Neighborhood Activism in Shanghai
By: Chunrong Liu

Conflict in Asia

Trying to Avoid a Japanese-American War: America’s “Japan Connection” in 1937 and 1941
By: Barney J. Rickman III

Israel is Necessary: An Affirmation to the Question “Is Israel Necessary”
By: Gordon Bowen

Japan’s Deployment of Self-Defense Forces to Iraq 2004
By: Cristina Brayton

Towards a Win-Win Model for the Kashmir Conflict
By: Jen Yi Lee

An American Soldier’s Iraq Diary
By: Jay Christenson

Margaret Mead’s Images of Asia

Margaret Mead’s Uses of Imagery
By: Wilton S. Dillon

Perspectives on Chinese and Japanese Religion and Philosophy

Can One be Both Chinese and Christian?
By: John S. Peale

The Wonder of Tao: Entering the Primordial Source of Creativity
By: Tom Pynn

Japanese Faith Outside of Shinto, Buddhism and Christianity
By: Hideo Watanabe

Whose Reality: The Challenge of Realism in the Work of Mao Dun
By: Joana Carlson Avila

South Asian Political and Economic Affairs

Microenterprises in the Kingdom of Nepal: On the Path to Economic Development
By: Douglas Fugate, Kirk C. Heriot, and Raja Bhattacharya

A Conviction to Dissent: Reinterpreting Mass Conversion at Meenakshipuram
By: Gavin Irby

Indian Cultural Affairs

The Interplay between Marriage, Ritual and Art in Mithila
By: Punam Madhok

The Distance Traveled: Little Clay Cart in Athens, Georgia
By: Lauren Hobbs Sexton

Suicide in Japan

Understanding Japanese Suicide in Terms of the Interaction of Multiple Variables
By: Roxanna Russell

Scholarly Notes

Reflections on a Sabbatical in India: The Tsunamu, Caste, Tribal India, Pilgrimages, Women’s Education, and Intellectual Life.
By: Roderic Owen

Teaching Children English in China
By: Allison Smith

China: Astonishing But Troubled Rising Star
Can Turkey Remain a Secular Society
Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation, Birth of a New Hope
Acoma: Native American Sky Culture
By: Daniel A. Metraux

Book Reviews

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Gerald Horne. Race War! White Supremacy and the Japanese Attack on the British Empire
Reviewed by Daniel A. Metraux

Karl Meyer, The Dust of Empire: The Race for Mastery in the Asian Heartland
Reviewed by Elizabeth L. Metraux

Sharankumar Limbale, The Outcaste Akkarmashi
Reviewed by Tromila Wheat

Anchee Min, Empress Orchid: A Novel
Reviewed by Daniel A. Metraux

Edward Leroy Long, Jr. Facing Terrorism: Responding as Christians
Reviewed by Gordon Bowen

Susan L. Burns, Before the Nation: Kokugaku and the Imagining of Community in Early Modern Japan
Reviewed by Daniel A. Metraux

Sunil Khilnani, The Idea of India
Reviewed by Tromila Wheat

Annie R. Wang: Lili: A Novel of Tiananmen
Reviewed by Constance Fletcher Smith

Susumu Shimazono, From Salvation to Spirituality: Popular Religious Movements in Modern Japan
Reviewed by Daniel A. Metraux

Robert Whiting, The Meaning of Ichiro: The New Weave from Japan and the Transformation of our National Pastime
Reviewed by Daniel A. Metraux

Akira Yoshimura, One Man’s Justice
Reviewed by Daniel A. Metraux