Contemporary China

Taiwan’s 2004 Presidential Election: Implications for Taiwan’s Politics
By: Elizabeth F. Larus

New Historical Thinking in China’s Reform Era(1979-Present): Background on Establishment Historians
By: Edward S. Krebs

Politics and Religion in South and Southeast Asia

Conflict in Kashmir: A Study in State-Society Breakdown
By: Gerald Meyerle

Walking Through the Indigenous Religious Field: A Field Report on Malaysian Borneo
By: Wei Zhang

Interview with Valclav Havel on Burma: “Without inner freedom you can achieve nothing”
By: Min Zin

Essays on Buddhism and Buddhist History

A Critical Analysis of Brian Victoria’s Perspectives on Modern Japanese Buddhist History
By: Daniel A. Metraux

Three Essays on Contemporary Buddhism
Revolutionary Women on the Edge of Change: Buddhism in Cuba
Not Relying on Signs: Wisdom Lessons on Bodhisattva Values from the Diamond Sutra
The Trouble with Emptiness
By: Jennifer Manlowe

Self,Selfnessness and Liberation
By: Ornuma Wawsri

The Middle East,Islam and Judaism

The United Nations and the Comtemporary World Crisis
By: Gordon Bowen

The Burden of Freedom: Misconceptions of Liberty in the Arab Street: Case Study: Palestine
By: Elizabeth Saylor

Jihad: Faith, Fanaticism and the Circles of the Soul
By: Ruth Rowe

Auschwitz and Jewish Krakow
By: Daniel A. Metraux

Book Reviews

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John Nathan,Japan Unbound: A Volatile Nation’s Quest for Pride and Purpose.
By: Daniel A. Metraux

Andrew Marshall, The Trouser People: A Story of Burma in the Shadow of the Empire.
By: Khin Oo

James L. Huffman,A Yankee in Meiji Japan: The Crusading Journalist Edward H. House.
By: Daniel A. Metraux

Takkatho Nay Win, Biographical Sketches of General Aung San.
By: Khin Oo