Issues in Japanese Politics and Economics

Japan: The Nation Without Nationalism
By: Michael Smitka

Democracy on Trial in South and Southeast Asia

Battle for the Soul of Modern India: The Bharaiya Janata Party, Harbinger of Indian Fascism
By: Lewis Fickett Jr.

The General Election in Thailand 2001: Will the Voters Continue to Buy What Thaksin is Selling?
By: William R. Harker

Nineteenth Century Critics of Western Bourgeois Society: East and West

Vivekananda and Nietzsche as Critics of Western Bourgeois Civilization
By: Narasingha P. Sil

Buddhism: National and Global Dimensions

Waves of Fear: A New Religion Stirs Controversy in Japan
By: Benjamin Dorman

Burmese Buddhism and its Impact on Social Change
By: Min Zin

Globalizing Japanese Religion: The Soka Gakkai in Australia
By: Daniel A. Metraux

Approaching the Dhammacakka Sutta and Mahaparinirvana Sutta Through Six Modes
By: Willa Baker

Asian Art: Traditional and Modern

Between Narrative and Expressive, Fantasy and Melodrama in Bombay Film
By: Wendy F. Hsu

Kim Tae-Song–Korea’s Michelangelo
By: Marilyn Goldstein

Centennial of a Major Pacific Scholar: Alfred Metraux (1902-63)

Mysteries of Easter Island
By: Alfred Matraux

Research Notes and Commentary

The Palestine-Israel Conflict from Within the West Bank
By: Elizabeth Saylor

Did China Have a Jewish President?: Tracing the Liu Shaoqi Saga
By: Jonathan Goldstein

The US-led Burma Charge
By: Min Zin

The Non-Profit Sector and International Giving in Japan: The Work of Project Hope Japan
By: Kumiko Omura

Reflections on Australia
By: Dave Cary

Media Report: Japan’s Battle of the Weekly Magazines
By: Benjamin Dorman

Review Essay

Out on the Rim: Four Korean American Poets
By: Robert Grotjohn

Book Reviews

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Claudia Devaux and George Bernard Wong,S.J.,Bamboo Swaying in the Wind: A Survior’s Story of Faith and Imprisonment in Communist China
By: Joseph Tse-Hei Lee

Annie R. Wang,Lili: A Novel of Tiananmen
By: Constance Fletcher Smith

Anchee Min, Wild Ginger: A Novel
By: Daniel A. Metraux

Brian (Daizen) A. Victoria, Zen at War
By: Daniel A. Metraux

Christopher Benfey, The Great Wave: Gilded Age Misfits, Japanese Eccentrics and the Opening of Old Japan
By: Daniel A. Metraux

Biographical Essay

Sidney Gulick’s 1905 The White Peril in the Far East: An Interpretation of the Significance of the Russo-Japanese War
By: Daniel A. Metraux